Nafiur Rahman

My Story

Hi, this is Nafiur Rahman. I am a digital marketing expert & mentor!
I am also the Founder of SolidCube Academy (

In this website, I dedicate my time to share my knowledge and 9+ years of experience in digital marketing, to train newcomers.


“My vision is to empower and groom 1000 new skilled digital marketers a year, so that they can build their own online earning career successfully.”

Nafiur Rahman
Founder, SolidCube Academy

How Did I Start

I first started my online career in 2010, as a freelancer in online marketplaces.

Later on, I slowly developed interest in digital marketing, particularly in affiliate marketing. From there, I continued expanding my skillset in online marketing arena. As a result, I successfully mastered various traffic generation methods, like Facebook ads, YouTube marketing & other social media marketing techniques.

Along with these vast set of skills and marketing tactics, I successfully established a career for myself.

Eventually, I worked with some industry leading agencies and experts to gather practical experiences of the client management part of the digital business. And then, started developing my own agency, which is now doing well, Alhamdulillah.

Along with this journey, I had a great chance of being a part of some awesome online marketers communities in Bangladesh. And there I had the privilege of becoming an admin of 2 large facebook groups (Bangladesh Video Marketers and Teespring BD), which connected over 100k enthusiastic marketers from all over Bangladesh. And, that was kind of my start as a mentor, where I started creating training materials for this huge audience of fresh marketers. And, that eventually led me to introduce my vision of helping out 1000 digital marketers a year, and launch “SolidCube Academy”. Besides that I am regularly sharing my thoughts, ideas, knowledge etc via my personal blog “”.

Why Did I Chose Mentoring

I started mentoring in live classes back in 2016, actually. It happened almost without any prior plan. And, that one step led me to find out a cool fact about myself.

That is, I can teach and I can do it very very well!

But this discovery didn’t come from my head! I realized this fact when I started receiving quite similar feedback from my students back then.

Almost all of them shared that they have never been taught these things like the way I was doing, so clearly and in such a detailed manner!

So many people can’t be wrong, right? Specially, when they are all sending the same comment every time.

So, I got more interested on this and realized how important this can be for those people who look for a quality training to start a successful online career.

So, over time I grew my mentoring skills even more and eventually started developing my own digital courses, with intention to serve a large number of students at the same time. And that plan led to development of

Now, I have 300+ students registered in this platform in various courses, and it’s been a great start towards my vision of serving 1000 new digital marketers a year!

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